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  1. Soap Cupcake 2019Apr27 Close-up

    Soap Cupcake 2019Apr27 Close-up

    Soap Cupcake - April 27, 2019 - Soy Wax, Hemp, RBO, OO, CO, Castor - White Jasmine scent Made for SMF Soap Cupcakes Challenge - April 2019. Close-up of top. Gold shimmer mica sprinkled on top. White Jasmine FO (Rustic Escentuals) behaved very nicely in this soap.
  2. L

    Soap is too pretty to use / good enough to eat

    Hi! I started selling my artisan soaps at craft fairs. I've got a lot of attention coz it's not common where I'm from. People who stop and admire my stuff say it's good enough to eat (i make chocolate scented cupcakes) or they say it's too pretty to use (my lavender drop swirl soaps). I do get...
  3. seven

    Simple white soap, cake soap, and cupcakes

    Latest additions: eucalyptus swirls, castile, aloe-poppy to see my new soaps.. please click here my latest additions.. This one is just a simple white soap made with organic goat's milk (milk in oil method). I left it unscented, just add some TD to make the color creamy white My 1st...