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  1. CelestialLizzie

    How much ice to use while keeping the soap hot?

    I recently made my first batch of soap as an adult, and… kind of a nightmare. First part of the nightmare I literally spent almost an hour trying to mix the lye with all my distilled water frozen in cubes since I heard (can’t remember where from) that 100% frozen liquids was a good idea, and I...
  2. MellonFriend

    Soap Wont Cut Smoothly

    I made a batch of soap about 36hrs ago and I can't seem to get it to cut cleanly. Every time I get the knife about 3/4 of the way through the bar, it sticks to the knife and breaks off. I don't understand it. The one bar sort of broke in half after I cut it. It's not like the bar is hard...
  3. Jenny Sparks

    Crumbly Salt Bar… What went wrong

    I attempted to make a small batch of salt soap for the first time today. I did 80% coconut oil, 5% castor oil, and 15% olive oil with 20% superfat. Lye:water ratio was 1:1.8 and I soaped at room temperature. I also added 1 small spoon of green clay to the oils. I added a fragrance oil calculated...
  4. M

    Bath Bomb Help - Crumbly/Powdery

    Hi all! I've been reading through some of the threads and I can't seem to quite figure out what is wrong with my bath bombs. It took a little longer than usual for them to dry (left them for nearly 2 days to completely dry) and when they did, they seemed fine when I took them out of the molds...
  5. S

    Castile Soap Turned Out Crumbly

    I'm new to soapmaking and am looking to make a Castile bar soap using only organic extra virgin olive oil and lye (I've been buying one, but it's so expensive!). I decided to use a hot process method with a crockpot, as I know Castile soap and Savon de Marseille were traditionally made in...
  6. K

    Sticky Crumbly Layer!!

    Hi, soap pros. I've been making hot and cold process for about a year now, experimenting with different recipes to find one that works well for me. In my latest experiment, I attempted to make a three layer cold process soap - Peppermint Mocha. I used a recipe that I'd made 5 previous times -...
  7. M

    Help! What happened!?

    Ok- I had this happen to me for the second time....and this time it was on 37#s of soap and I could scream, or cry...or both! Anyways, it's been the same fragrance and color scheme both times: NG Flower Child FO Recipe: 25% coconut, 25% palm, 25% olive, 15% cocoa butter & 10% avocado oil...
  8. C

    Crumbly salt soap....argghhh :-)

    I haven't been making soap long but I've been having such a good time with it. Today, as an after-work, relaxation activity, I decided to experiment with muted colour and my new essential oils, to make Lime and Ginger Salt Soap. Everything went really well until I took it out of the mold about...
  9. M

    can the battery dying in scale effect accuracy?

    hello, two nights a go i made a facial soap with activated charcoal powder. i made 4lbs of soap and used 1 and a half tablespoons of charcoal powder. i used my handy digital kitchen scale to make sure everything was measured properly. i unmolded and cut the soap today and it seems a tad...