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  1. L

    Understanding crumbly soap

    Hi there, I made a batch yesterday and pour into mold almost without trace at all. However it was well emulsified. My stick blender burned out a few days ago and had to blend with a paint mixer which makes hours for tracing a cold process castille soap. Next day while unmolding, all around the...
  2. glendam

    Crumbly soft soap

    I made some soap using a slow moving recipe (link below). Lye was at 89 F and oils at 95. It cracked on top after 24 hours. It did not gel though, and they weren’t deep cracks. I used 2% sodium lactate instead of 1% like usual from the recipe calculator amount given. I used EDTA too though...
  3. PJ Oleham

    Hello Soapers!

    My name is PJ. I am from Murfreesboro, Tennessee. My passion is urban gardening and homesteading. I am new to soaping. Very new! I just made my second batch of soap and I am sooooo hooked! Sadly though, my second batch crumbled when I starting cutting it. I googled "why does my home made soap...
  4. dkleinert1

    Chalky Soap????

    So I am frustrated....I know this has happened to me in the past, and I don't remember why it happened. I had to take about a 10 year break from making soap to care for my husband who was very ill. I made my first batches of soap (4) in 10 years in December, and they were perfect. However, I...