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  1. L

    HELP!! Wax melts going wrong

    Hi I’m new to trying to make wax melts and I had a play around using soy wax and fragrance. Everything is fine until I use the melts in my burner. Once they dry they crumble or even when burning. Can anybody help with this? I want to perfect this I’ve only had a couple of try’s.
  2. E

    Cp+melt and pour in one batch?

    I've put a layer of melt and pour inside my cp soap twice and both times it made the cp part dry and crumbly. I know melt and pour can pull moisture out of the air so I'm wondering can it pull moisture out if the cp soap too? Do I need to use less lye in my recipe if I plan to do a melt and pour...
  3. N

    100% tallow

    I use a lot of tallow for cooking, soaping basically for sustainability reasons. I am starting to dabble in 60-100% bars more often. I have had some issues, crumbling edges most commonly and fracturing when cutting. But being fully stuck in the mold as well. I have had to freeze it to get it...
  4. KimT2au

    Cut my first batch of Guinness soap

    I cut my first batch of Guinness soap today. The soap cut well but I was having trouble with the bars crumbling and breaking at the bottom of the bar. It is amazing what you find at SMF when you use the search button. If found two possible solutions to this problem :D I have not beveled...