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  1. Clarice

    Questions About Your Experiences with Catherine Failor CS Recipes

    Hi I ordered the Failor "booklet" from The Sage and it arrived with 40 concise pages of instructions plus 5 recipes. Over the weekend I made the Castor Oil version and the Jojoba version using my crock pot set on low. I made half-batches of both Here is what I did: Batch - Castor...
  2. E

    Foaming bath butter

    I purchased a recipe for a foaming bath butter base but when I rinse it, the skin feel is terrible! I’m thinking to sub the stearic acid for Cetyl alcohol. Anyone have experience with foaming bath butters/whips??
  3. cmzaha

    Cream Soap

    I made a new cream soap batch today that is looking excellent. My KOH was apparently dead and I do not know how I did not notice it didn't swoosh when added to the distilled water. So far this batch is doing exactly as it is supposed to with my new container of KOH. Color me happy! :D The color...
  4. cmzaha

    Cream Soap Calculator

    It would be so great if someone designed a Cream Soap Calc. It just makes it so much easier. I have always used the Summer Bee Meadow Calculator, but not sure if they are working on upgrades or what. Summer bee Meadow has a new site but it is not working. :(
  5. soap1daze

    Pineapple Princess and Cucumber

    Getting ready for a show. My first soap made with cream all other ingredients were the standards! I added 2 ounces of rt cream at light trace then split the batch 1/3 and 2/3. It was great fun.
  6. Lindy

    I Take It All Back!

    I take back what I said about preservative in liquid and cream soaps. I opened up a batch of cream soap that is just over a year old to make some scrubs and there was black mold :shock: From now on I will be adding preservative in both as I don't trust the liquid soap either now.
  7. Lissa Loo

    Rebatched Cream Soap Recipe

    I am trying to make cream soap fro the first time. I want to use up some of my goat's milk leftover shavings. The rebatch is about a month old. Any idea where I can find a recipe for this method or any ideas? I need to know about adding glycerine, when and how much for a one pound batch. Do I...