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  1. KimT2au

    Keeping track of ingredient costs across a number of suppliers - a spreadsheet.

    Hi all, I really did not know where to place this post as I am guessing those who soap for a business probably use various accounting / order tracing software, I don't think it is applicable under general chit chat but really this could be useful for hobbyists in any of our areas of...
  2. Jeramian

    Can any tell me how to make a super creative soap display without wood.

    I am very creative, but not crafty when it comes to slicing and dicing wood. I was thinking about a tower type of something, but wouldn't know how to build it. Any ideas would be appreciated. Once again...I am a total novice so don't give me the ideas that would ask me to cut down a tree, and...
  3. M

    Cheesecloth Flower

    Cheesecloth Flower Tutorial The source of this tutorial, for which I will be eternally grateful, is youtube: The whole process can be reduced to 9 simple steps, as follows: 1. Use felt circle as a backing piece 2. Eight medium...