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  1. Blufuz

    10% honey fixes cracking soap

    Hi everyone! Happy New Year! I finally have the time to share the results of my attempt to fix cracked soap: The problem was that it was made with too many hard oils. As discussed in this other thread (10% Honey - Help finding a thread) using a lot of sugars has the opposite effect, of...
  2. Tuftyloves

    Cracking recipe every time!

    55% Olive 25% coconut 10% castor 5% cocoa butter 5% Shea butter Lye concentration 38% (I can’t go any lower or I get insane soda ash) A tsp of kaolin clay per lb of soap added to oils A tbsp of cocoa powder added to oils Cannabis & cocoa FO This has happened to me multiple times. The...
  3. F

    Cracking crock pot?

    Hi! I made a batch of castille soap in my crock pot successfully. When I started making my second batch, as I was pouring in the lye, the ceramic cracked and poured my hot oil and lye mixture all over my counter and floor. To say the least, it was a disaster! I'm wondering what led to the...
  4. T

    Does anyone make the Bubble Bars?

    I have been making bubble bars over and over and trying to come up with the right recipe.. It seems they look great and then they crumble and crack. I don't know what can help them from crumbling and cracking. It is more for the presentation part of it. The product is good. I use the SLSA...
  5. C

    Hairline cracking issue in curing soaps

    Hi everyone! :wave: I am new here and hoping one of you brilliant soapmakers could lend your insights into a hairline cracking problem I am experiencing with my soaps. I have a recipe that is similar to the 'Breaking the Rules'/75% CO, 25% CB-SB soap, superfatted at 15% and using coconut milk...
  6. C

    Soap cracking...

    Hello. I made a few small batches of CP soap using different oils and butters and every time I slice them they crack at the bottom and some at the side making my bars quite useless. I left it to cure for different length of time: 24 hours, 72 hours and one of them made with softer oils for one...
  7. C

    Hi Everyone (Firstbatch done...Questions)

    Hello I just finished my first batch.....and cut it! It looks beautiful...the colors muddied a little but it was a great first try. my question is: It seems to me that its a little cracky....Why does this happen? I am trying to figure out why before my next batch so i can fix it...