cp soap won't get hard

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  1. Z

    May-day; the wrong Lye

    Hi all I’m a complete newbie in soap making. Had prepared myself for a batch of Castile soap in the cold proces. After mixing oils and lye i discovered my supplier had sent potassium hydroxide instead of Sodium hydroxide. It was my daughter who pointer this out when my mixture did not go in...
  2. C

    Gel phase in cp soap

    Good day everyone! Just a quick question. How long should a cp soap stay in gel phase? I did an egg shampoo bar yesterday, which was molded around 5:30 PM. It's almost 24 hours and my soap is still gel-like. I am guessing it is overheated. I have done a few batches of this kind of cp...
  3. J

    My soap won't harden

    Hi there I also facing the same problem here, the soap won't get harden. I have been making many batches of soap and all came up so well. But what happening right now is i follow all the process and ingredients, the soap is difficult to get trace, even though using hand held blender for about...