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  1. M

    Making shampoo & conditioners

    Hey, everyone!! I was wondering if anyone make shampoo and conditioner? This is something that I'm hitting a wall with like everytime. I've made liquid soap but how do I go about making shampoo?? Conditioner?? What do I add to make it gentle on your scalp? My hair is very brittle right because...
  2. Stuart Graham

    Conditioner bar recipe with BTMS-50

    Hi, I want to try conditioner bars and looking around, I found two versions: 30gr | 30% BMTS-50 30gr | 30% Cetyl alcohol 15gr | 15% shea butter 15gr | 15% cocoa butter 4.5gr | 4.5% distilled water 1.0gr | 1% essential oil 40gr | 40% BTMS-50 43gr | 43% cocoa butter 10gr | 10% shea...
  3. F

    Problem with BTMS 50

    Hi guys! I recently received 25 lbs of BTMS 50 from Chemistry Store (states it's Incroquat from Croda), and my nailed down Conditioner Bar recipe is suddenly very soft and leaking oil. Nothing else in the recipe was changed and I made 3 separate batches all with the same issue. I made another...
  4. Jenn Lee

    Creating a Co-wash

    Hello! I had a question on creating a co-wash for my hair. I currently use New Wash which is absolutely amazing and even more expensive. It's the first co-wash I have used on my very long hair and I don't think I could go back to using regular shampoo anymore. But, I also don't really want...
  5. sugarcandyskull

    Intense Hair Conditioner Recipe Request

    Good evening friends! I am looking for a recipe for intense hair conditioner. My hair is thick, long and time can be dry due to bleaching (which I do around every 12 weeks). Any advice on ingredients to use to help keep my hair in good conditioner or any recipes you can recommend would...