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  1. KimT2au

    Finally, my first batch of beer soap. Yes, I really got it made this time.

    After my previous disastrous attempt to make beer soap where hubby threw out the beer I had had simmering, I finally got some beer soap made, even if my stick blender did short out on my half way through. Phew. The soap sat in the mould for about 28 hours before I cut it and the ends of the bar...
  2. chaoticbanshee

    wax melts getting things right

    ok guys i need help with a couple of problems ive been trying to get these right for a while now i have now got my scent mastered depending on the scent. but my problems now are as follows 1. I'm using mica in my wax melts and when they melt the mica seems to sink to the bottom. 2. when my melt...
  3. T

    How do you colour liquid soap base?

    Hi! I was wondering what colourants are best for colouring liquid soap. I am not making the liquid soap (yet!) but buying from a supplier and adding colour and frgrance. I have used water based soap colourants in the past and found they didnt look so great as they left a ring of darker...