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  1. HLN80

    Blueberry powder for color

    Hello, this is my very first post and I'm sorry if this has been asked before, but will blueberry powder (dehydrated blueberry juice) make a nice color for CP soap? Or how do I get any shade of blue using something natural?
  2. deadken123

    Navy Blue Soap

    Hey guys,first time poster and long time watcher of SMF. I'm making soap for a local boutique hotel. Their logo color is a deep navy blue.I make CP soap and try to use only natural colorants,but I cannot think of any way to make this color.Any advice would be awesome.
  3. J

    natural colorants

    Hello! This is my first post in the forum, and I need some guidance. I have been making soap for only about 2 months, and I have made both CPOP and HP soaps. I purchased some natural colorants that I would like to use in my soaps, but I don't know how/when to use them. I am planning on making...
  4. cursivearts

    Favorite Colorants and Suppliers?

    I am starting to find some lovely scents and I've got some of my basic recipes down to where I am very happy with them, but I am still experimenting with colors. I find I prefer the powder colors (to me less messy and easy cleanup). I am all for natural, micas, oxides, pigments, so I wanted to...
  5. B

    natural coloring with spices...

    I'm curious about coloring with spices like paprika,cinnamon,ginger & others.Oh and clay's would be great to know about tea, coffee & cocoa 2. If you color with these natural colorants how did it turn out and do you like the results of the soap & color? I love pictures 2 if you want.I'm...
  6. B

    Hp in crock pot ??

    Hello everyone :wave: I'm new to soaping & this forum. So I have made Hp/crock-pot 2x and both times chose to use two different colors. The process seemed to go well but even though I know it can be gloppy when putting in mold when I un-molded the 2 layers of color separated on me.Does anyone...
  7. M

    Looking for good affordable colors.

    Was wondering if any of you know of any good sites where I can find affordable colors for soaps. Or any sellers on etsy you recommend?