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    Coloring shaped candles/figurines?

    Does anyone know how to apply little separate areas of colour on a shaped candle like you would see on the Gurley figurines or those shaped tea lights found in dollar stores etc. ? The sections are too intricate for it to be dipping, unless maybe you cover over the parts you don’t want...
  2. S

    Can I use styrofoam cups for swirling?

    I would NOT use them for straight scents or lye, but what about using those disposable foam cups for coloring soap?
  3. R

    Inconsistent results in same batch - different molds..

    I made a batch where 7 different molds were made and I got different results on some of them. This is all color related as the consistency and other qualities are excelent in them. I did us Titanium Dioxide in the mix but that was in the entire mix and it was very well blended before pouring...