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    What OO do you use for your soap?

    I’ve been using EVOO and it works well but leaves a strong tint to the batter. I haven’t tried mixing titanium dioxide or any other ingredient yet but what OO would you guys suggest which is best for making soap without adding so much tint?
  2. D

    Why did my soap turn dark yellow?

    Any ideas on why the background color of this soap turned dark yellow? Recipe was: 16 oz. olive oil 10 oz. palm oil 10 oz. coconut oil 8 oz. canola oil 2 oz. apricot kernel oil 15 oz. distilled water 6.35 oz. sodium hydroxide 3 T. oakmoss FO Nothing added to base color of soap...
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    Liquid Soap Color Change?

    Hi everyone, n00b here. I have only made a few batches of lye soap, and all have been successful so far. I decided to try my hand at a recipe I found online for liquid soap. The person's stock photo shows a crystal clear soap, but when I got to the final stages (3-4 hours later!) my soap was...
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    goats milk soap changing color

    Hi, I have been making goats milk soap and every time it looks beautiful after it is made and when I go down stairs in the morning it has changed color drastically. I add the lye to the milk by the tablespoons and do not let the milk get over 70 degrees. Last batch I used green french clay...