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  1. Kimberly6891

    Matte Pigment Powder for CP Soap

    Good Morning I just purchased Matte Pigment Powder and I want to use it in my CP soap. (Its a sample kit with about 12 different colors). I noticed that one of them, the White, has an Oil Based one and a Water Based. That confused me a little. How should I prepare these to mix into my CP...
  2. aediana

    false trace?

    dian hi, i just started making soaps and just finished my third batch. my recipe consists of the following: Castor oil 60g Coconut oil 350g Soybean oil 250g Palm oil 350g Olive oil 450g Lye 206g Water 555g (divided to green tea & coconut milk 370g and 185g for the lye) 50ml of green tea and...
  3. seven

    Simple white soap, cake soap, and cupcakes

    Latest additions: eucalyptus swirls, castile, aloe-poppy to see my new soaps.. please click here my latest additions.. This one is just a simple white soap made with organic goat's milk (milk in oil method). I left it unscented, just add some TD to make the color creamy white My 1st...
  4. S

    Smelly castor oil!

    I've been playing around with creating my own recipes recently and when making today's batch realised I didn't have enough sweet almond oil for what my recipe needed so I subbed in some castor oil. I've been trying to avoid using castor oil as even though I'm only doing small batches and using...
  5. amanda_hughes

    curious about my recipes

    I just read Soap/Lye Calculator: a guide. And now I'm worried about my recipes. Ok not so much worried but curious. For the life of me I CANNOT figure out how to use the soapcalc. I use the MMS The Sage lye calculator. Could someone please run my recipes thru the soapcalc for me? I would greatly...
  6. amanda_hughes

    just tried hanger swirl for the first time!!!

    I am crossing my fingers, toes and eyes. I just tried the hanger swirl. I made a 2lb batch and split it up and colored one orange using turmeric and the other green with green oxide. They mixed up perfectly. I added tangerine fo to the orange half and peppermint to the green half. Then just...
  7. L

    Basic PO free soap recipe for beginner?

    Hi everyone, I'm a complete newbie to the site and the world of soap making! This forum is a godsend! I've been reading up all about the CP process and I've just got a lovely new book through and am hoping to make my first soap very soon. However, I'm not sure how to go about formulating...
  8. B

    am i ever going to get this right?

    Frustrated my CP soap I Made looks so pretty and smells so great but is really soft & has been in mold a little less then 3 days. My husband & I un-molded really carefully and have not cut it,we are seeing if maybe we can get some air flow around it....every thing in the soap-making process went...
  9. B

    goats milk soap changing color

    Hi, I have been making goats milk soap and every time it looks beautiful after it is made and when I go down stairs in the morning it has changed color drastically. I add the lye to the milk by the tablespoons and do not let the milk get over 70 degrees. Last batch I used green french clay...
  10. Mommysoaper

    Weekend soaps!

    I didn't get a chance to make bar soap until Sunday night but I was able to squeak out one hot process- Buttercream Snickerdoodle (brown and white) and my mica swirl which I scented with BB's Grapefruit Lily. My house smells so good now! Both of the FOs seem to compliment each other- so yummy!
  11. G

    Air bubbles

    I am new to cold process soap making and recently I had air bubbles in my soap that had liquid in them. I am very exact about temperatures and weights with everything. Does anyone have any thoughts of what I did wrong?
  12. S

    oven finishing with cold process

    So, I got these plastic loaf molds off of someone on eBay. He told me they could be used for oven finishing cold process soaps. The problem is, I don't really know what all that entails or if it makes any difference in the final soap. Does anyone do this? I'm guessing you do a cold process as...
  13. Mommysoaper

    Mint chocolate

    This is a mint chocolate soap I made recently. Smells like thin mints and I love it! I tried a hanger swirl and I think it cam out ok. I had tried a hanger swirl before, but it didn't come out well. This time I used a McDonald's straw and taped it over the hanger to make it thicker and...
  14. R

    Can I use cow's Milk Butter in soap?

    Can I use cow's milk butter in cold process soap? I have access to fresh, non pasturized cows milk and make soap. Can I use either the butter or the milk in soap? or will it get rancid? Thanks
  15. B

    Hello I'm new here & to CP soap making

    New here & so happy to have found this forum « on: February 18, 2013, 01:04:56 PM » Quote Modify Remove Hello everyone!! I'm Jessica. I am 33 & my friend & I just started a small business,we had been making lotions & scrubs for a little while now and we love it & so does are customers but...
  16. C

    Oh no..... Sad day. What do I do!!!!

    Here I am making a lovely two color rose soap. I am layering it and it looks amazing. It's behaving very nicely. I am feeling really good about it and I look over and OH NO I FORGOT TO A THE REST OF THE COCONUT OIL. So bummed. What do I do? I made a three pound batch. (The four pound mold I got...
  17. C

    Hi Everyone (Firstbatch done...Questions)

    Hello I just finished my first batch.....and cut it! It looks beautiful...the colors muddied a little but it was a great first try. my question is: It seems to me that its a little cracky....Why does this happen? I am trying to figure out why before my next batch so i can fix it...
  18. S

    Lye was cold

    I am very new to CP soap making. I made my first small batch yesterday. I got a trace when I used my stick blender to mix the lye with the oils. But my Lye was luke warm. Now I am worried my soap won't turn out OK. Will is set? and if it doesn't set what can I do to to make it in to a...