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  1. goji_fries

    How did you obtain the best alkanet color, IYE?

    I know there are a few different ways but what worked the best for you? :wave:
  2. goji_fries

    Swirls didn't work?

    :oops::oops::oops::oops: I tried the coat hanger method on this charcoal clay batch. The coat hanger was the length of the laof and when through it about 10 times. It seems to have not...
  3. goji_fries

    Sharing an EO recipe

    I like to mix EOs; even make a few via hydrodistillation. At times I think extravagance is within obscure EOs. Many times it is. However, this simple EO blend smelled so good I had to share it. 52.7 oz loaf, 34 oz oils - Cold Process - 1.5 T Kaolin clay EO binder 0.75 oz EO PPO .7 Star...
  4. CelestaMoon

    Oil Separation

    Hi, I just finished making some dipped loofah Cp soap. After i dipped the loofah in the soap i placed them on some wax paper. i am now seeing some oil around the loofahs on the wax paper. The soap came together great, saw no separation and it was in the bowl for quit awhile as i was dipping so...
  5. stoutgrovewv

    Gooey Hand Milled Soap

    I am new to soap making and this forum and I was hoping for a little insight. I wanted to make a Jewel weed Soap (to help combat poison ivy oils) and was afraid the chemical reaction during CP soap making might ruin the jewel weed properties. I saw a section about Hand Milled soap in (a pretty...
  6. J

    A complex Lemon Verbena that sticks?

    I've triend ScentWorks Lemon Verbena, am happy with the high quality of their frangrance oils in general, but the Scentworks Lemon Verbena does not permeate a cured Cold Process soap very well. Part of the issue is the low flashpoint I think- anything at or below 140F tends to vape right out...
  7. S

    Can anyone troubleshoot the dots and streaks??

    I have sucessfully made thirty or so batches of goats milk soap, but my last few are coming out with semi transparent streaks and dots. They appear more often in bars cut from the middle of the mold. There is no change in the appearance of the top surface. The soap's pH values are perfectly...
  8. M

    How long do I leave coconut milk soap in mold?

    Hello, I made 3lbs of Citrus Shampoo Bars last night. I used coconut milk in my lye mixture, instead of water. I am including the recipe below so you know exactly what is in it: 2oz Cocoa Butter 9oz Virgin Coconut Oil 11oz Extra Virgin Olive Oil 7oz Castor Oil 4oz Jajoba Oil 1oz Sweet...
  9. Lissa Loo

    Coco glucoside in CP?

    I am wanting to boost the lather in some of my more conditioning recipes that include butters without drying my skin out. I bought Coco Glucoside to try making bubble bars with and I am wondering if anyone has ever tried it in CP. Fearing it will probably overheat, I have not tried it yet.
  10. H

    First Time Soap Recipes? (CP)

    I was looking on THIS site and found this recipe: Castor oil 2 ounces Cocoa butter 4 ounces Coconut Oil 4 ounces Olive oil 12 ounces Palm oil 10 ounces lye 4.3 ounces...
  11. reahez

    Help my soap didn't work and I don't know why!

    Hello everyone, I made a batch of soap the other day, it was a coffee soap with a cinnamon fragrance here is you tube address of video I made for it It never really seemed to come to trace and now the top part has separated from the bottom! I left it...
  12. seven

    Lemongrass Partial Tiger Stripes

    okay, i have not finished playing with tiger stripes obviously :D am still quite obsessed with them.. and this won't be my last one.. scented with lemongrass eo. colorants were cellini yellow mica + yellow oxide for the yellow, td for white, and activated charcoal for black. the stripes are a...
  13. P

    Calculating expiration on soap

    Hi All, I am a newbie in soap making (been trying some CP and HP) and now wondering on what date should I put on the soap for expire date. Because I sometimes try to make soap with fresh ingredients such as fruits and spices. I read that the rule of thumb is a year for CP, is this...
  14. seven

    Tiger stripes galore!

    Scented with sex on the beach FO. the yellow got a bit too dark for my taste and it didn't quite have the contrast i wanted with the orange. oh well... Again, i encountered problem with making this one as my mold was quite tall. i was using a cardboard for the stripes bit and the cardboard...
  15. D

    How soon after cutting CP soap can I wrap it?

    I've made 7 or 8 batches of CP and with each batch I end up wrapping it sooner and sooner after I cut it! I wrap it like a present in scrapbook paper with a band holding it closed, so air can still get in a little. I'm still not using it until at least 6 weeks, (still nervous, being so new at...
  16. seven

    Latest soaps

    Goats milk, oatmeal, and manuka honey. Scented with OMH (freakin love this scent!). Pink tiger stripes for V-day.. scented with love spell dupe.. Blackberry raspberry swirl.. Tienne, this is the lopsided edge soap i was talking about. notice the soap in the middle, the edge is different...
  17. seven

    Pure coconut oil soap

    I'm thinking of making some pure co soap, and would like to replace half the liquid with coconut milk (milk in oil method for whitest color possible). the cm i'm using is actually more like coconut cream that came in a box. i need to mix it with some water otherwise it would be too thick...
  18. seven

    Papaya-coconut milk, some kind of tiger stripes, and rose soaps :)

    this one is papaya-coconut milk combo. the orange one is obviously papaya. i cheated a bit by adding just a dash of color coz i dont want this part to go brown. the white one is coconut milk. did the hanger swirl, and scented with toasted coconut mixed with a dash of coconut lime verbena...
  19. Kimberly6891

    Matte Pigment Powder for CP Soap

    Good Morning I just purchased Matte Pigment Powder and I want to use it in my CP soap. (Its a sample kit with about 12 different colors). I noticed that one of them, the White, has an Oil Based one and a Water Based. That confused me a little. How should I prepare these to mix into my CP...
  20. aediana

    false trace?

    dian hi, i just started making soaps and just finished my third batch. my recipe consists of the following: Castor oil 60g Coconut oil 350g Soybean oil 250g Palm oil 350g Olive oil 450g Lye 206g Water 555g (divided to green tea & coconut milk 370g and 185g for the lye) 50ml of green tea and...