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  1. Raycreations33

    Is it okay to Pre-mix lye solution ??

    Is it safe to pre-mix batches of lye solution to keep on hand?? Waiting for the lye-water solution to cool down is reallyyyyyy working my patience muscle!
  2. Black raspberry vanilla- first cut

    Black raspberry vanilla- first cut

    Cut really easily however, Ive noticed some discoloration in this batch, its grey-blue instead of purple like the mica I used.. not sure if it’s because of the FO or the oils used but it smells SO GOOD!
  3. R

    Fuzzy substance on soap while curing

    Hi guys, My most recent batch of CP Charcoal soap has developed a fuzzy, dust-like substance on its surface while curing. It behaves like dust and can be easily wiped off, however when i rub it between my fingers, it feels like soap. The soap was curing inside of a cabinet, so I dont believe it...
  4. MaryJeanUK

    Does A Cold Workshop Make A Difference?

    Hi, I need help... I've been making soap for about 5 years now and since I've moved everything into the new workshop (which has no heating) I've been having problems, although I've thought it due to production methods...previously I've been making the soap in my kitchen (where the heating has...