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  1. DessertGuru

    Powered Caffeine Usage in CP Soap

    Here's a question out of left field... Does anyone have any experience using pure powered caffeine and adding it to a cp soap formula to make a caffeinated soap? Specifically - I want to use - The Caffeine Powder is...
  2. Anstarx

    Scruby Coffee Hand Soap

    I recently bought a coffee bean shaped mold. Was using it for making frozen coffee cubes for latte but then I thought I could use it for soaping as well. I've been playing around with clay lately. It was fun but it sticks to my hands so I had to wash my hands every 10 mins lol. I have...
  3. LilianNoir

    "Double batter" soap?

    So... I have this idea, see... I think it would be kinda neat to a do a "cream in coffee" layered soap, with a bottom layer of coffee based soap, and a top layer of milk based soap. This would require of course, creating two separate batches of soap, and pouring the top one in before it...
  4. Nanooo48

    My new “Woke AF” coffee soap LOL =)

    Mug compliments of my darling sister ❤️ So thankful of a previous thread, on the scent smelling iffy at first because it smells marvelous now! Phew!!! LOL
  5. R


    My husband asked me to make a coffee expresso wake up bar as he loves coffee. I read about heating beans and oil to use, but wondering what the best EO etc is to use? Watching and reading a lot so there are many options wondering about experienced posters here have w coffee soaps. Thank you.
  6. MySoapyHeart

    Rustic Coffe soap

    Tried to resize, hopefully it is ok size. This is my olive,- lard,- Coconut soap with a littlebit castor and a smidge of undeodorized cocoabutter. Not really a beautifull piece of soap, but that is ok! Yes, I know, it looks like chocolate cake. I try not to think about it because then I want...
  7. Sihir

    The lingering stench

    For whatever reason, I only recently got into non-water soaps. I made a coffee soap and a beer soap, and I'm having the same problem with each. They smell baaaaddd! Like scorched chemicals. The first (coffee soap) I did not chill the coffee whatsoever (and used 100% coffee as the liquid). In...