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  1. Michelle Anugrah

    Help, how do I deal with my liquid soap separation?

    I've been making liquid soap with avocado, castor, coconut, olive, ricebran and sunflower, superfatting with 5 % cocoa butter, 20% of the water is replaced with glycerine. On some days, my soap came out okay, clear with no cloudyness or separations. But on some days, it separates into two...
  2. K

    Phenolphthalein, pH strips, and Olive Oil Liquid Soap

    I am pulling out my hair trying to get my olive oil liquid soap right. Here's my recipe: 24 oz. olive oil 5 oz. potassium hydroxide 5 oz. water 10 oz. glycerin All went well, soap diluted just fine and was clear as a bell. I tested the pH in three different ways: pH strips...