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  1. ewenique

    Netepur stain remover soap

    Has anyone heard of H2O cleaning products from France? One product is a small bar of soap called, Netepur, which is a stain remover. The ingredients are palm and coconut oil, water, sodium hydroxide, and tetrasodium etidronate. It is a good stain remover, but it is $12 a bar! I suspect the...
  2. K

    High cleansing numbers

    HI, I have been playing around on Soapcal. trying to come up with a recipe with no coconut oil or one using under 10% coconut oil. everything I have calculated seems to have very high cleansing numbers I am wondering wouldn't that be drying as well? I have never paid a lot of attention to...
  3. thinkativeone

    100% Coconut Oil Cleaning Soap

    I know I haven't posted in ages, sorry, guys. Won't go into it deeply but it's a good thing I've stayed away from making soap for awhile, an illness and loss in our family and a ridiculous amount of work done on our only vehicle in just over 1 month... But fall is here! And that means the...