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  1. 20240106_133338.jpg


    Goat milk and clay
  2. Jorah

    Lessons in Patience, Soap Variation

    Being in my early 60s, you'd think by now I'd have learned all the lessons in patience a person would need to learn, but you'd be incorrect. Today's lesson: my first clay-and-pumice soap experiment. At the end of May I decided to try making a simple recipe that I found in the book Pure...
  3. Mobjack Bay

    Purple Brazilian Clay

    The purple Brazilian clay I bought makes soap that is much more grey than purple. Here’s a comparison of an alkanet test bar from last year (left), and two bars made a couple of months ago. The center bar is purple clay at 1 tsp clay ppo, and the right bar was made with ultramarine violet...
  4. MellonFriend

    How to Store Kaolin Clay

    How do you guys store your kaolin clay? I saw cool place out of direct sunlight. Is it okay to store it in plastic? I saw some conflicting info on that front. Also is it true that kaolin clay reacts with metal? Should I be careful to not scoop it out of the package with a metal spoon?
  5. Mobjack Bay

    Clays & Oxides

    This soap started as an attempt to make a sink strainer pull through soap for last month's challenge, but the batter got too thick and I ended up swirling it instead. I love the colors and having done it twice now, I've learned that swirling is an excellent way to save a pull through soap gone...
  6. Draugr Rekkr

    Bentonite Clay!!! The cheap way!!! This is mostly for the Kiwis <3

    Hi all it's me again. The one obsessed with shaving. Well something that you hear about, in some shaving soaps, and some soaps in general, is this magic pixie dust called bentonite clay and, well first of all it's not magic and ingesting it in anyway will not help you fly and/or cure all your...
  7. Creature


    Soap dough creature created for the February 2018 Soap Dough challenge Soleseife soap, coloured with activated charcoal, coffee and clays
  8. Creature


    Soap dough creature created for the February 2018 Soap Dough challenge Soleseife soap, coloured with activated charcoal, coffee and clays
  9. Faux Agateware

    Faux Agateware

  10. ClayBieCharms Polymer Clay Seaturtle Kawaii Succulents

    ClayBieCharms Polymer Clay Seaturtle Kawaii Succulents

    Polymer Clay turtle with succulents by CLAYBIECHARMS
  11. Airelle2010 Photobucket Boucles106

    Airelle2010 Photobucket Boucles106

    Polymer clay earrings, leaf with little caterpillar by Airelle2010
  12. OOAK Polymer Clay Dragon Eye Grün & Braun 3 Dimensionale

    OOAK Polymer Clay Dragon Eye Grün & Braun 3 Dimensionale

  13. N

    Clay Cleanser - Emulsifier Needed?

    Hi! I just have a quick question. I'm hoping to make a cleansing grains of sorts using mainly bentonite clay, activated charcoal, and baking soda. I want to make it including a carrier oil, so it has a creamy, moist consistency. Would this need an emulsifier? I'm just worried that the dry...
  14. scott312

    Is this French clay ok for shaving recipe? I have never ordered or used any clay before guys. Thanks.:neutral:
  15. M

    Kaolin Creme Soap

    I have found on the German forum informations about Kaolin Creme that dandelion, the Great Soaptress :) uses. She said she creates a mix of the following: 1% kaolin clay 0,6% Titanium Dioxide (the proportions vary from 0,4 to 1% and she tends to lower this amount in her recent creations)...
  16. Nikko

    Butters/Exotics/Additives in CP soap - what works vs what doesn't?

    Hello All, My question pertains to what exotic oils/butters or additives may be added to CP soap to give the 'average user' (as I know it's very hard to generalise otherwise) an actual tangible and real improvement in the quality of the end soap produced. ***Full disclosure, I'm very new to...
  17. U

    Adding clay to lye water?

    Hello! I've read about adding clay to the lye water to intensify the color. I was wondering though, would the clay absorb some of the lye, and then in turn make the clay itself lye-heavy? I'm not sure about the chemistry regarding this and am hoping someone here may know (so I don't...
  18. Alprinceton


    I used "Terra Pozzuoli" clay, FeO and Titanium dioxide to make these tiger stripes. Coconut oil, lard, castor oil, salt, sugar, soy cream FO: Madagascar Spice
  19. B

    natural coloring with spices...

    I'm curious about coloring with spices like paprika,cinnamon,ginger & others.Oh and clay's would be great to know about tea, coffee & cocoa 2. If you color with these natural colorants how did it turn out and do you like the results of the soap & color? I love pictures 2 if you want.I'm...
  20. S

    WAY too much CLAY!

    I was soaping away today, and my mind must have been somewhere else ...I used WAY too much French pink clay in my soap. I usually use 15g ppo, but I used 30g ppo. When I was mixing I thought the color looked too dark, then I realized what I did. I was going for a pale pink b/c it is Japanese...