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  1. I

    Ground Saigon Cinnamon

    Has anyone used ground saigon cinnamon instead of ground cinnamon in their soap? What's your experience with it?
  2. CelestaMoon

    Cinnamon EO in CP Soap

    Hi soapers, I have just whipped up a batch of cinnamon cold process soap but i am so scared and nervous that i may have used too much cinnamon EO. it was a pretty small batch it made about 30oz and i added about 2 tablespoons of cinnamon eo. it is cinnamon bark, can anyone tell me if this was a...
  3. inkyfingers

    cinnamon and star anise EO in soap

    My soaping buddy and I want to make some red and black soap, as those are the colours of the dance studio we attend, and we love it. We planned on using cinnamon for the red soap, and star anise for the black, as we think those scents work well with those colours, but now I realize those EOs...
  4. S

    Oatmeal soap smells like ammonia.

    Hi everyone I made a rather large batch of soap yesterday. It is bigger than usual because my moulds (baking pans) are too big for my regular batch. So I went to my handy soap calculator and increased the fats based on what I had in the house. I melted my oils in the crock pot and used the lye...
  5. S

    Sweaty, spicy holiday soap -- Agh!

    (This will be half vent, half OMG, what do I do?) I unmolded my planned "holiday spice" shea butter soap today... boy, what a mess. It's sweaty, slippery, and mushy. By "mushy," I don't mean soft--I mean mushy like uncooked pizza dough. It's firm enough to take out of my wooden mold and very...