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  1. Anstarx

    Using chocolate in soap: How much cocoa butter in black chocolate?

    I've been planning to make a chocolate themed soap and I want to use actual chocolate in it. I have some really nice black chocolate left over from New Year and will never be able to finish them so I wan to try use them in soap as partial replacement to cocoa butter. However, I can't find...
  2. R

    Look good enough to eat? Chocolate & Vanilla

    This is the result of one of my first experiments to make some CP look like chocolate. Does this look like chocolate to you?
  3. R

    Analyizing the Fatty acids of ingredients - Anyone with experience?

    I thought about adding some certain foods to some soaps and figured that knowing the fatty acid composition would help determine what oils to use. I'm wondering how to determine how this will effect the oils & soap
  4. R

    Chocolate & coffee as ingredients

    I have a couple questions about coffee as a liquid, coffee grounds, and chocolate (dark bakers chocolate, no milk, VERY bitter - might actually be called chocolate liquer). I'm wondering how coffee is used in soap. Is it possible to boil it down to concentrate it more? Is that worth it and...
  5. grayceworks


    Click for recipe!