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  1. saqqa

    Whats the Best recipe for 100% Olive oil soap ?

    Hey, Anyone with a good recipe for a 100% olive oil soap ? There are so many out there, but which is the best and takes least curing time ? I live in a hot and humid climate of Africa ;)
  2. K

    Drying Cold Process Soap!

    I have made couple of batches of soaps already but all of them dries my skin. 1 was cured for 6 weeks The others 4 weeks. They are not lye heavy. I used soap calc and brambleberry calculators. These are unscented soaps. These are also a coMbination of gelled and ungelled soaps. My skin doesn’t...
  3. R

    Best Carrier oil to use

    I have a bottle of hemp seed oil that I wanted to use for a soap recipe would hemp seed oil work okay or can you only use olive oil? What oils are acceptable for using as the base for your soap recipe?
  4. K

    Lather booster for a foaming cleanser?

    Hi guys, I made a foaming cleanser with about 50/50 Castile soap and water, and added about 20% almond oil and 5% honey. I'm looking for an additive that can make the foam a bit more fluffy/dense? It's a rich foam but it kind of "melts" around the edges after you pump it out. Other than that...
  5. C

    Olive oil liquid soap-need help!!

    I made olive oil liquid soap for the first time. I added the water to the paste to dilute, brought to a boil and let it sit over night. In the morning the paste had not melted. I re heated it and let it sit again. This time when I checked it, the paste had absorbed ALL the water and tripled...
  6. S

    Castile Soap Turned Out Crumbly

    I'm new to soapmaking and am looking to make a Castile bar soap using only organic extra virgin olive oil and lye (I've been buying one, but it's so expensive!). I decided to use a hot process method with a crockpot, as I know Castile soap and Savon de Marseille were traditionally made in...
  7. R

    Castile project - pomace or EVO and Castor for SF?

    I'd like to make an authentic castile and would really like it to be "authentic" but I would also like the lather from some castor oil and if I'm SF'ing (or lye discount by 5%), then is the 5% castor actually making it not fully castile soap? here is a print out of the 4 different recipes...
  8. Kittie

    Very first pure olive oil Castile soap questions.

    Hi, I am new here on SMF, but not to making soap. I've made basic CP and CPOP soaps with various oils off and on for about 2 years now. Last night I made my very first batch of Pure EVOO Castile soap. I made a 6 lb batch at 6% SF, enough for two 3lb molds and a few small bar molds. I used two...
  9. F

    One month old castile soap causes dry skin. Why???

    I have a castile soap batch made from 100% olive pomace oil and after one month it is quite hard already so I think it should be fine to be used. I gave one bar to my friend, she has really sensitive skin. She gave me good feedback of my soap after she used it for shower. However, when she tried...
  10. Kimberly6891

    Castile Soap Debacle

    Good Morning Soapers Maybe someone can give me some help/advise. I have been wanting to make a castile soap (100% olive oil - no other oils) and I worried that it may be a soft soap and wondered how it would harden since olive oil is liquid, but alas, I tried it. Here is my...