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  1. B

    Magnesium chloride

    Hello. I am a beginner hot process liquid soap maker. I know you can thicken diluted paste using table salt (sodium chloride) but can you do the same with magnesium salt (magnesium chloride) I already have a ton for making bath salts and salt scrubs. Just trying to find another use. If no...
  2. Zink

    How to thicken 3:1 diluted liquid "Castile" soap

    There are already a bunch of good liquid "Castile" soaps on the market, e.g. Dr Woods and Dr. B's. What I'm trying to do is to dilute such a soap about 3:1 with water and add allantoin to make a gentler soap to be used as a face wash, and I want it to be thick enough to be used with a normal...