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  1. Essential7

    What Would You Like To See Us Carry For You?

    We are always looking for ways to support our soapmakers and offer items that others don't carry. Please share with us supplies that are challenging for you to purchase. We appreciate your thoughts. Thank You Essential7
  2. Essential7

    FALL Into 25% Savings

    Start saving 25% on our website. Please use code OCT25 at checkout. We are a women owned boutique essential oil company that’s specializes in handcrafted blends. Our prices are competitive and our oils are high quality grade. Vegan, Cruelty Free, Kosher Certified, wild crafted, organic...
  3. C

    melt and pour shampoo bars, which oils to use?

    Hi! I'd like to make melt and pour shampoo bars but I'm having a hard time understanding which oils I can use. I have: coconut oil sweet almond oil avocado oil olive oil grapeseed oil jojoba oil I usually use clear glycerin soap base or aloe vera base. I would love any tips or suggestions for...
  4. MoonBath

    Palm Oil Substitute?

    There are some really great recipes out there I'd like to use, but I don't want to use palm oil. Is there an oil I can use to replace it in a recipe? I know I'll have to recalculate the lye, but as far as percentages go, what can I substitute for a similar bar?