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  1. Amonik

    Canola liquid soap for housecleaning?

    I want a soap to use for housecleaning, and the idea was to use 100% canola/rapeseed to keep it local-ish. However, that gave me a ”cleansing” value of 0, so I added some coconut. This is my recipe: My plan is to follow the method DeeAnna describes in this thread...
  2. Iluminameluna

    Incorporating oil blends in a recipe

    I'm feeling stuck. I have a recipe in mind but it includes an oil blend. I don't HAVE to use it, but it's getting old and I don't want to waste it. Also it's been infused with paprika and annato for almost 3 months! The oil blend is 70:30 palm and soy. The recipe I've run through Soapee: SF 6%...
  3. DianaMoon

    Canola - Does it Cause DOS or Not?

    I've heard so many bad things about Canola causing DOS but I am skeptical. It's just an oil with a certain FA profile & should not cause DOS of itself. Perhaps the oil was rancid to begin with, or on the way to rancidity...? I do not know. What are people's experiences w/Canola. There is a...
  4. R

    Simple soap from pantry - need help with recipe

    I want to make some soap with what is on hand. I have Crisco shortening (all vegetable) - it is white with: soybean oil, fully hydrogenated cottonseed oil, partially hydrogenated cottonseed & soybean oils. I also have Olive oil (virgin) and canola & soybean oil and Lye. I was using the soap...