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  1. C

    Weird melt

    Hey, my candle has a weird melt. At the start the candle looked perfect but when i started to burn the candle it first started to burn in a tunnel en then all of u sudden i saw this weird texture (it is hard but just looks really weird).
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  3. H

    Help! My soy candle crystalized

    Hi, i've been making soy candles for about a month using "naturewax c3" wax. Usually they turn out great or only have a sinkhole that is easily fixable. Last night i made a candle using brambleberry's "midnight waters" FO for the first time and in the morning the candle was set and looked like...
  4. T

    Blending fragrance oils candle selling

    Hi Im new to making and selling Candles but im unsure of if any laws/regulations/requirements when blending oils. Is there any such thing Is there anything specific you have to put on your label par the health and safety aspect or can i just blend away and create the name i like for it. Many...
  5. E

    Blending fragrance oils (FO)

    Is there an advantage to blending FOs to order instead of mixing a large blend ahead of time? I have a complicated FO blend that I mix together right before making a batch of candles. I’d love to mix all of the oils ahead of time in one big batch and then have the blend ready to go so that I...
  6. Newbie2this

    I just don't know!!

    I have made a few candles and everytime, when I pour, rings are formed around the glass. I just dont know if it's something I'm doing wrong like temp, pouring or if it's the glasses aren't clean enough. I'm wiping the glasses with a clean tea towel. Can anyone help? I have attached a picture to...
  7. E

    Holes under surface in soy wax candle? Help!

    Hi! I'm new to candle making and have only made a few candles so far. Every candle I've make has had these holes (see picture) that only appear about 10-15 minutes into the initial burn. The melt pool also starts bubbling. The surface of my candles are smooth once they have set so it's...
  8. lyschelw

    Join us today at 4pm on Instagram.

    Hi everyone! I will be doing a "Tree" Candle Making Tutorial today at 4pm Central. It will be live on Instagram. I know I haven't had a lot of time to be around the forum lately but I am still a sponsor of this wonderful place. And I know that a lot of folks have wanted to see the tree...
  9. B

    Coloring shaped candles/figurines?

    Does anyone know how to apply little separate areas of colour on a shaped candle like you would see on the Gurley figurines or those shaped tea lights found in dollar stores etc. ? The sections are too intricate for it to be dipping, unless maybe you cover over the parts you don’t want...
  10. Grungedoll

    Which one is best?

    I am at the moment using EL Millennium wax, and while I do like it I’ve been thinking about checking other waxes as well. I’ve been looking at Golden Brands 415, 444, and nature’s wax C-3. Which do you find better if you’ve had experience with it (as far as cold/hot throw and candle tops)? Which...
  11. Grungedoll

    Help a new candle maker!

    Hello! As it says in the subject I am brand new at candle making but already so in love with it and soaking in all the knowledge I can (so any help would be very appreciated!) Ive read numerous times that to fix imperfections on the tops of your soy candles you can use left over wax from the pot...
  12. M

    Unfilitered Beeswax for Candle Making

    Hello, I've been making beeswax candles for a while, but I have always bought filtered beeswax from one specific seller on Etsy. I have gotten very used to the process and for the most part, it goes smoothly every time. I usually only make 5 or 6 candles a week and sell them to locals in my...
  13. D

    100+ Gallons of rendered pork fat: Nightmare or Dream come true?

    I've (mistakenly?) acquired 100+ gallons of already rendered pork fat that is liquid at room temperature and I'm in desperate need of suggestions of how to put it to use. Obviously soap making would require loads of man hours or sourcing a decent operation and arranging something. Can anyone...