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  1. EllieMae

    Fragrance Oils in Canada

    I hope this is the right section to post this - it's been a while since I've been around! Does anyone know which companies selling/shipping FO to/within Canada are "up to date" or not SUPER backlogged right now? Or perhaps there are Canadian sites (or US sites that ship with reasonable costs to...
  2. SudsyFox

    Hi from Vancouver Island, BC, Canada!

    Hi all, just discovered this forum and am happy to see that it's active! I'm a medical lab assistant and artist on the side living on beautiful Vancouver Island, and have also been making soap casually for a couple years. I'd still consider myself a beginner as I haven't experimented very much...
  3. M

    Canadian suppliers. . . .

    I've done a ton searches - here on the forum and on the web... I don't like asking the same question someone(s) else has asked, I understand irritating repetitive questions, but I'm at a loss. I don't have any local soaping friends, so I come to you! My virtual soaping friends :) Here's the...
  4. dent67

    What Permits and Paperwork do I need to start manufacturing and selling on line?

    Quick back ground. I am getting into soap making and think I have a pretty interesting and new approach to it from a business perspective. Problem is I live in Toronto, Canada where I need permits for everything apparently. I'm looking for advice from any other Canadians who have started...
  5. Purplerain

    Salty sailor

    Does anyone know if there is a Canadian supplier I can get Salty Sailor FO from? The shipping charges from the US are killing me!:(