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  1. V

    Body lotion

    Hello! I’ve been making body products for a while, I’ve been trying to make body lotion and I’ve been having problems with it. Separation is a huge problem, I don’t know if I mix too much, my temperatures are not the same or my recipe has errors. Thank you so much! I’m doing 65% water 7.8%...
  2. T

    Expired ingredients

    Hi! Newbie. About a month in, here. Last weekend we made a 6 hour round trip to purchase a soapers supplies...it was a soapers heaven! Molds, butters, oils, natural colorant, pounds of lye, essential oils,FOs, micas! I mean stuff is in bulk!!! oh so many goodies that I had only dreamed of...
  3. Nyknits

    Are butters effective in soap?

    Good morning from Long Island, NY! Hey everybody, I have taken the advice given and limited myself to simple soap recipes and one soaping process. I started with hot process at the end of May (I waited for the Mercury retrograde to be over) and have 4 batches under my belt. I’ve been handing...
  4. deebop

    A few ponderings!

    Hi all you smart people! I've had a few things on my mind after dealing with some major and minor soap making annoyances lately! I'm pretty sure I just got too excited about things and tried to catapault into realms I had no business even creeping into just yet but I'm trying to tell myself...
  5. MySoapyHeart

    Maximum of Cocoabutter in CP?

    Updated info - Maximum of Cocoabutter in CP? I am sorry to bother you fine folk`s, but I found it safer to start a new thread instead of resurrecting old threads and quoting old posts. I have searched the forum, and read many posts that said some of you like to use a lot of cocoabutter in your...
  6. Soapandso

    Slippery Butters!

    Good morning, I have been making creamers and bath products with Shea and cocoa butter in for a while but I wandered if there was a way to prevent the butter from sitting in the bath, maybe disperse it to prevent your bath from being slippery afterwards? I am certainly very confused ...
  7. R

    making mango butter from the tree?

    i want to make raw mango butter from the mango seeds of my 2 large mango trees for soap making. I throw away hundreds of seeds every year, so when i found out about mango butter, i was excited to try making my own home made mango butter for soaps, lotions, etc. I want to make the butter with my...
  8. Nikko

    Butters/Exotics/Additives in CP soap - what works vs what doesn't?

    Hello All, My question pertains to what exotic oils/butters or additives may be added to CP soap to give the 'average user' (as I know it's very hard to generalise otherwise) an actual tangible and real improvement in the quality of the end soap produced. ***Full disclosure, I'm very new to...
  9. P

    Designing your own soap recipe?

    Hello all :) I am a big soap newbie, but am having fun messing around with some simple recipes and other bath/body recipes for the moment. If I eventually start selling my products (which is the dream in a few years once I have more experience!) I don't want to be selling another soaper's...
  10. O


    I am playing with a new recipe and thought I might add a butter this time for extra moisturising (or rather, for less drying...). I'm not sure if I should go with cocoa or shea. I see shea pop up in a lot of ingredient lists. Is there a reason that it seems to be preferred over cocoa? Do...