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  1. butter_fluessigseife.mp4


    HP liquid soap made with 40% dairy butter. Experimental dual-stage process with intermediate addition of citric acid to liberate volatile (stinky) fatty acids from the clarified butter. Satisfactory deodorising, good clarity, optimal viscosity: bubbles rise very slowly when flipped upside down.
  2. U

    Are the ingredients still good to use?

    Hello! This is my first post on this forum. I had gotten into soap making a while ago but then I had to stop because of the time constraint and limited space. I kept all the butters/oils and the lye. I know it’s been at least a year since I ordered all the ingredients that I kept. Are the...
  3. S

    Mango Butter Extracted from Seeds

    Hi. I'm the husband of a 1yr tenured, talented soap/candle maker. Here in Florida mangos are in season and my lady asked me if I could get mango butter from some seeds. I read up on line and said, "no, sorry, no one does it. You need a hydraulic press or solvents." In order to get what she...
  4. Lizayle

    Best Oils/Butters to Start With

    I've made 5 different batches so far and I know I used the same main ingredients for the last 3 (the first one I know I did something wrong because it's wildly different. I had beeswax, olive oil (EV - which I now know makes things yellow), shea butter and coconut oil. My breakdown has been...
  5. R

    making mango butter from the tree?

    i want to make raw mango butter from the mango seeds of my 2 large mango trees for soap making. I throw away hundreds of seeds every year, so when i found out about mango butter, i was excited to try making my own home made mango butter for soaps, lotions, etc. I want to make the butter with my...
  6. Soapandso

    Bath Bomb Cupcake

    Hi there, I ahve been trying to make a melt and pour soap that I can have as a scrub soap (with sugar) and pipe onto the top of bath bomb bases. I think I use foaming bath butter with melt and pour for a piped soap that hardens but do you know how much sugar I add and will it remain in a state...
  7. I


    After many requests, I finally got round to writing an in-depth article on preservatives (incl "natural" & "Ecocert"). Hope you will find it informative:- www.makingskincare.com/preservatives/
  8. R

    Can I use cow's Milk Butter in soap?

    Can I use cow's milk butter in cold process soap? I have access to fresh, non pasturized cows milk and make soap. Can I use either the butter or the milk in soap? or will it get rancid? Thanks