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  1. Ladybug Soapworks

    Need opinions on my logo

    Hi everyone. I designed this logo over a year ago with the plan to re-brand my business from Ladybug Soapworks to Vitae Essentia. I want this new brand to read natural, upscale, and professional, so I want to make sure the logo is right. I guess I just need some opinions on whether it is a good...
  2. S

    Are there licenses or permits that are needed to sell?

    I've got everything together to start selling my soaps and other spa products (lotions, lip balms, etc.) but I don't know if there are any permits or anything like that that I will need to have before selling. I plan to sell online, either on my own website or on etsy. I know an ingredient list...
  3. dent67

    What Permits and Paperwork do I need to start manufacturing and selling on line?

    Quick back ground. I am getting into soap making and think I have a pretty interesting and new approach to it from a business perspective. Problem is I live in Toronto, Canada where I need permits for everything apparently. I'm looking for advice from any other Canadians who have started...
  4. S

    Reselling without permission?

    I make a dog shampoo bar. It's one of the products with which I am most pleased--I've even used on myself, because I love the smell and because it's very gentle! I sell this bar on Etsy and it does fair-to-middling well, but not great. All of a sudden, though, I have this repeat customer who...
  5. P

    Little help for where to start selling

    Can you help me choose regarding the best niche market for my future soap business? I'm thinking of choosing from one or more of the following markets: 1. local eBay market 2. Events giveaways 3. Hotels and Resorts (there's lots of resorts near our place) My current skills and...