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    Lye Burn

    Im new to soap making and was trying some piping today only the soap was hardening too quickly and the piping bag split, I got half set soap all over my hands and it started burning and itching, the surface burning stopped after I washed it off but im left with burning in the edge of my thumb...
  2. C

    Candles burning unevenly

    Help! My candles are burning unevenly. The wicks are centered. I have several different size wicks testing in the same size jar, and all other variables are the same, but they're all doing this. Also, I'm getting little speckles of wax on the inside of the glass jars. They are small jars...
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    First candles, need advice

    Hi! I'm hoping someone can tell me if the amount of wax on the inside walls of my tin are acceptable. I'm having a hard time figuring out what is okay based on articles I've read (no pictures!). Thank you! Forgot the picture o_O
  4. M

    Honey darkens goat milk soap

    Is there any trick to adding honey to my goat milk soap that will keep it from darkening the soap? It does lighten up some as it sets up but would like a lighter color bar. I use the honey with oatmeal.