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  1. Georgeandstella

    More Bubbles Please

    Hello, I am a new to soap making. I'm using the following recipe, and it is very creamy and a good texture, but my hubby would like more bubbles... See picture below of lathering (no bubbles). Can you please give me some suggestions to add more bubbles? -Should I add 1 tsp sugar at trace (I've...
  2. C

    Can i use liquid hand sanitizer for getting the bubbles out of my soap?

    Hi, this might be a silly question but can i use liquid hand sanitizer to pop the bubbles after pouring my soaps? the ingredients are
  3. MeeraBubbles

    Bubble Bath Meltdown 😩😂

    Hi everyone, I’m new to making bubble bath. The original recipe i found calls for: 1/4 cup Vegetable Glycerin 1/2 cup Distilled water 1/2 cup unscented Castile soap I came up with a lovely combination of essential oils and makes my first batch. Aromatherapy wise it was perfect but my bubbles...
  4. R

    Table Sugar to Increase Lather and Bubbles?

    Have any of you ever used regular granulated sugar to increase the lather and bubbles in a soap recipe? If so, did it work well? I like old-fashioned, 100% lard soap, but want to add a little extra to the lather and bubbles without adding other oils or expensive additives.
  5. Misschief

    Bath & Body Play Time!

    A while back, I made a batch of Foaming Bath Butter base and another batch of Buttercream Bubble Bath base (both DIY Bath & Body recipes). They've been languishing on a shelf in my spare room since making them. Today, I decided to play with them. The yellow and blue one is the Buttercream...
  6. T

    To Shea Butter or not Shea Butter?

    Hi, Newbie here. I have been experiementing with different percentages of oils to try to find a soap I really like. Trying some today which are only 10 days old I notice the ones without Shea Butter bubble and lather SO much better than the ones with. Is this just typical of this stage of...
  7. denisedh

    outside bubbles on my CPOP?

    Hi Soap Gurus, I'm new - this is my second loaf of CP and I followed a recipe on Brambleberry to CPOP it. It has been two days and I unmolded it from a silicone liner (from Essential Depot) I am still not sure at all about the way things are supposed to look but I think this was too tight...
  8. Lissa Loo

    Coco glucoside in CP?

    I am wanting to boost the lather in some of my more conditioning recipes that include butters without drying my skin out. I bought Coco Glucoside to try making bubble bars with and I am wondering if anyone has ever tried it in CP. Fearing it will probably overheat, I have not tried it yet.
  9. H

    Bubbles, bubbles, bubbles !

    How to increase bubbles in soap and what is the bubbly/creamy soap calc number ratio to aim for? My recipe contains 5% castor, 10% coconut (I don't like a bar that is too cleansing so my cleansing no is about 10, conditioning about 50), bubbly/creamy numbers are 12/40, I have also added sugar...
  10. Cherry Pit Soap Works

    Castor Oil: 5% or 10%???

    Hi all! So I'm a little torn when it comes to the castor oil. I absolutely love this oil and what it does for lather and feel. I need opinions and advice about the percentage that goes into a recipe. 5% is good, but I've done as high as 10% and I love that too! Does anyone here think that's too...
  11. bridgetmoon

    Soap Batch - Bubbles?

    Hi. Just wanted to double check, i have noticed on my first few soaps I have got a few bubbles. just wondered if this is bad in any sort? :wave: see picture below