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    Botanicals in scrubs

    Hi guys, I have a question regarding Bath Scrubs I have been walking around for, for some time now. Will botanicals in your (oil based) salt/sugar scrub will turn brown? I have been testing for a while now (several weeks) and I haven't found any issues so far. Experiences? Thanks...
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    Browning and Consistency during Hot Process Cooking

    Hey Soap-Gurus, So I've started experimenting with the hot process method. I bought a slow cooker like this one - it only has a "Low" and "High" temperature setting. Nothing too fancy, but not too expensive either Anyway, during my first batch, I cooked it for a few hours and toward the...
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    Preventing FO browning in CP soap?

    Hi there; I'm positive I've seen threads on this subject, but I can't find them now. Apologies if this is a tired subject. I just bought Wholesale Supplies Plus' Frankincense and Myrrh FO/EO blend for use in a holiday soap. The product description says it contains 8% vanilla and will discolor...