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  1. Garden Gives Me Joy

    Flaxseed extraction method

    I want to access as much of the omega fatty acids and other nutritional benefits from flaxseeds as possible, if at all possible. I figure I can either 1) add ground flaxseed meal into the lye water, base oils or emulsified batter ... or 2) do a slower extraction with very lightly heated oil (in...
  2. Garden Gives Me Joy

    Decyl Glucoside in Brine Soap?

    Loving the cleaning effect of brine in soap, except that some friends say that they can notice that it has less lather (which I know is a sore point for some people). Is it possible to add decyl glucoside to soap making (perhaps in the CP lye water)? .. and would decyl glucoside be able to...
  3. Anstarx

    Brine & Pink Salt Bar w/ Rose Clay

    I've made brine soaps and salt bars. So I figured I should try a hybrid. This was made from 25% pink salt solution as water, 80% CO, 50% oil amount of pink salt powder, and 2% rose clay Scented with grapefruit and mint FO.