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  1. ohioguysoaper

    Custom Soap Boxes

    Has anyone used a company to get their soap boxes custom printed? I am currently using shrink wrap and ordering labels from The process is fine, but some wholesale accounts are asking for paper-based boxes, and I get more and more customer inquiries by the day about when I'm...
  2. Box_Coop

    Printed stock boxes to fit your soaps

    We have partnered with Soap Equipment to create a line of stock, printed boxes designed specifically to fit their soap molds. Printed on the same high-quality paper we use for our custom box packaging, these boxes are printed in soft colors with subtle, repeating patterns designed to blend in...
  3. Box_Coop

    High-Quality Box Packaging for Soaps

    The Box Co-op is introducing a new line of box packaging to fit your soap molds. This is a new program that will be expanding as we move forward. These designer boxes are produced on the same high-quality paper we use on our custom packaging – only these are specifically designed to fit your...
  4. G

    Gift Box Source Frustration: Narrow, Shallow box needed

    Okay. I've Googled all around on multiple occasions lately and my frustration levels are driving me to post. I want to offer three soaps in a package. Ideally I would like the soaps to be side by side in a narrow, shallow long box. Something like 12"x4"x2". The jewelry boxes for necklaces look...
  5. MatthewDM

    Boxes for shipping

    For those of you that sell your soap, how to you package them? What type of box do you use? What brand?