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  1. RKrynicki

    Cricut and Soap Boxes

    So i just got myself a Cricut Explore Air 2 so I can make my labels and hopefully half-soap boxes as well. Does anyone have an idea as to how I can make the boxes? I've looked online for template ideas, but so far every box I found has a lid or is fully closed. I like the half-box (holster) look...
  2. Box_Coop

    Printed stock boxes to fit your soaps

    We have partnered with Soap Equipment to create a line of stock, printed boxes designed specifically to fit their soap molds. Printed on the same high-quality paper we use for our custom box packaging, these boxes are printed in soft colors with subtle, repeating patterns designed to blend in...
  3. Box_Coop

    High-Quality Box Packaging for Soaps

    The Box Co-op is introducing a new line of box packaging to fit your soap molds. This is a new program that will be expanding as we move forward. These designer boxes are produced on the same high-quality paper we use on our custom packaging – only these are specifically designed to fit your...