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  1. Garden Gives Me Joy

    Borax vs 'Borate Decahydrate'

    I want to dilute and neutralize excess potassium hydroxide from liquid soap paste but can not currently access citric acid or 'borax' in my current location. People only sell a white substance labelled "Bórax Decahidratado" [or Borax Decahydrate in English]. Its ingredient list says: 99.9%...
  2. L

    Dish soap, Laundry soap, adjucts etc

    Hi everyone im new here and new to liquid soap but have been making CP bars for a while. i am looking for a tried and tested recipe for dish soap and laundry soap either CPLP or HPLP. we live in a hard water area so im thinking of adding Borax one because i heard it helps with the hard water...
  3. Blacksmith Soap

    Blacksmith Soap

    Collage of 3 soaps brother tested for blacksmith soap in summer of 2016. Borax, Pumice, and a combo of the two. He found the combination of Borax & Pumice to be most effective as a Blacksmith soap.
  4. Borax Soap 2016June25-001

    Borax Soap 2016June25-001

    Test soap for Blacksmith brother. One of three soaps to try. This one had Borax; another had pumice only; the third had both Borax and pumice.
  5. BlackSmith Soap With Rebatch - 2017April09

    BlackSmith Soap With Rebatch - 2017April09

    Another one of the Blacksmith soaps I made for my brother. DB is the fragrance.
  6. BlackSmith Soap - 2017April09

    BlackSmith Soap - 2017April09

    Soap I made for my brother, the blacksmith. The recipe was designed for him, based on his feedback from different formulas I tested. It is the combination of finely ground pumice plus Borax that makes this soap his favorite for cleaning blacksmithing stains. DB is the fragrance.
  7. Borax Soap - 2016June25

    Borax Soap - 2016June25

    Borax Soap for my Blacksmith brother. Failed Ribbon Pour looks like Clyde Slide. Made June 25, 2016 Hubby loves this soap as mechanic soap.
  8. benefieldclaus


    Hi. My name is Jason. My friend and I have started a little business called Benefield & Claus Mfg selling men's soaps (cold process) on Etsy. I've been at the soap making itself for a little over a year, overcome the frustration of botched batches, seizing, and DOS and now we've finally opened...
  9. seven

    Alternatives to borax, boric acid

    I am about to try making liquid soap for the first time. I don't have borax or boric acid. I was wondering if i can use citric acid to neutralize it? Also, for first timer, which method is easiest? the normal method or glycerin (like soaping 101)? TIA