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  1. Stephd31

    Bath Bomb Books

    Hi, I've been using YouTube as an educational source on making bath bombs and have made them twice with varying success. I'd like to understand more about them so I can develop my own recipe, maybe bubble bars too. Does anyone have any book recommendations? Thank you!
  2. In My Soap Pot

    The Soap Maker’s Planner

    This is a planner for soap makers. It has over 50 design and log pages. So room for 50 different soaps. There’s also a section at the back with conversion tables, reference charts, usage guides and troubleshooting...
  3. Sweetums

    What Apps/books do you have on your Apple device for Soap Making?

    I only have one Soap Making Book, but would like to have more on my ipad. Does anyone have books, apps or leaflets to suggest? I have credit in iTunes waiting for recommendations. Thanks