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  1. D

    So many things wrong...

    Okay. This was my first time making body wash because I wanted to wash some cash. Below is the recipe I used: 1 bar 'Signature for Men Irish Spring' 8 cups filtered water 1/2 table spoon vitamin E oil 1 table spoon glycerin The process: Brought water to a rolling boil, put the soap shavings...
  2. R

    Thickening Liquid Soap

    I have made a liquid soap but I want to thicken it to get to a body wash/shampoo like consistency. I have tried added guar and xanthan gums and it either doesnt thicken enough or gives it a very chunky consistency. I have also been advised to try salt and when I added salt in, the base separated...
  3. B

    Body wash & Shampoo help

    Hi! I just found this interesting forum and since I'm very new in the cosmetics making industry I would like to please see if anyone can help me? I'm very interested in creating both a liquid soap that isn't runny or watery, as well as a shampoo that works well for most hairtypes. I just have...
  4. J

    Trying for a moisturizing body wash

    I've successfully made some basic liquid soaps, and I am moving on to attempt some super-moisturizing body washes. The idea was to combine my lotion-making experience with my new soap-making skills :) Well, it isn't working as I'd hoped. I've attempted to emulsify about 10 - 20% extra oil...
  5. Mommysoaper

    Bottle help please

    Not sure if this is the best spot for this, but was wondering if anyone had suggestions for bottle suppliers? I would like to package body wash and hand lotion with hopefully coordinating bottles. I like the idea of Malibu bottles for lotion and a regular round/oval bottle with pump maybe for...