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  1. Jean Maina

    Glycerin in Body Scrub help using Soap Paste

    Hi Help! I am trying to break into the soap making world and tried to make a body scrub, everything looked like it was going well... until I tried it... it was soft and fluffy yay!, but its just too slick and oily like I tried to use lotion or butter instead of soap. The scrub is made with a...
  2. S

    Best Body Scrub and Body Butter Vessel that's not plastic

    Hi there, I want to start selling body scrubs and body butter but don't want to use plastic vessels like the common ones that are being used. I'm currently looking into using aluminum cans but I'm worried it will rust or leak or using glass (mason jar but then there's a silicone suction in the...
  3. J

    Percent turmeric powder to use in sugar scrub?

    Hi everyone! I’m making a turmeric sugar scrub using turmeric powder to help reduce hyperpigmentation, scarring and inflammation. What is the lowest percent of turmeric powder I can use in this scrub and have it still be effective? Right now I use 5% but it stains and idk if I really need to use...
  4. H

    Cationic or Non Ionic wax for emulsified body scrub?

    Hello, Im thinking about making an emulsified body scrub and I’m deciding weather I should use a cationic or non ionic emulsifying wax. I like the conditioning properties of a cationic scrub, but I’m afraid that since they stick to the skin, the dead skin cells that I’m exfoliating while using...
  5. O

    “Emulsified” body scrub formulation STABILITY FAIL - Help!

    Hi guys! I am new to this site and I found the threads very useful to me for gaining more knowledge. I am from Indonesia and I am planning to start my small business of body scrubs. I have been formulating for about three months now but I cannot seem to get the right formulation that is FIT for...