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    Percent turmeric powder to use in sugar scrub?

    Hi everyone! I’m making a turmeric sugar scrub using turmeric powder to help reduce hyperpigmentation, scarring and inflammation. What is the lowest percent of turmeric powder I can use in this scrub and have it still be effective? Right now I use 5% but it stains and idk if I really need to use...
  2. H

    Cationic or Non Ionic wax for emulsified body scrub?

    Hello, Im thinking about making an emulsified body scrub and I’m deciding weather I should use a cationic or non ionic emulsifying wax. I like the conditioning properties of a cationic scrub, but I’m afraid that since they stick to the skin, the dead skin cells that I’m exfoliating while using...
  3. O

    “Emulsified” body scrub formulation STABILITY FAIL - Help!

    Hi guys! I am new to this site and I found the threads very useful to me for gaining more knowledge. I am from Indonesia and I am planning to start my small business of body scrubs. I have been formulating for about three months now but I cannot seem to get the right formulation that is FIT for...