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  1. KarenDK

    Help getting a scent to stick in CP soap

    I have a hard time finding scents i really like, and have finally found a scent, that give me that nice uhhhhm feeling, when i smell it. Now the problem is, getting it to stay in soap. The scent is made as an equal mixture og bergamot EO and rosewood EO. Both should be able to stay, but the...
  2. elurah

    Armoise Mugwort in Soap

    Hi all, I got armoise mugwort (artemisia alba) from NDA and I am really excited to use it in a blend:computerbath: Per IFRA max is 1% in Soap. I am terrible at describing scents but it smells very green and a bit spicy, with a lingering sweetness. Kind of like if you chewed on the stem of a...
  3. Techie Joe

    Hot Process (HP) Fluid Method (simple version)

    Hot Process (HP) Fluid Method (simple version) .. From the video: Stick Blender Hot Process from start to finish .. Expected duration: Under 30 minutes (not including preparation) .. (video included below - 44 minutes) Tools: . Large Pot (much bigger than your batch to allow for expansion) ...
  4. ferret

    Mix it, Stir it Up

    How do you use your hand held blender. Yesterday I made a batch of lavendar- lemongrass 50%coconut 10%olive 40%palm. And I blended with 5 second bursts and hand stirred. I seem to have a history of getting a false trace or my soap overheats and/ or separates, so I'm trying to cut that out. 8-)...
  5. S

    Advice please......

    I was thinking about making a Castille batch (my first) and was wondering if a pomace/evoo blend would be ok to use cos thats all I've got at the moment?
  6. Mommysoaper

    Thyme EO

    I purchased some thyme EO ( a small amount) hoping to use it in some blends, but I think it stinks! I thankfully only ordered a couple of ounces but was wondering if there was anything I could blend it with? I hate to throw anything out, even a couple of ounces. I don't know why, but for me...