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  1. HowieRoll's Textured Paw Prints Rimmed soap

    HowieRoll's Textured Paw Prints Rimmed soap

    HowieRoll's entry in June 2019 Challenge - Rimmed Soap Link to description:
  2. "Burnt Water"

    "Burnt Water"

    Charcoal soap, created using varying amounts of water to form seven gradient layers, shaped to show texture and finally polished with water.
  3. S

    Does all charcoal soap make grey lather and has black leave-behinds?

    I made soap with activated charcoal and to test it, the lather was grey and had some black charcoal powders being left in the sink. It was easily washed off but my concern is, is this normal? I haven't used charcoal soap before (store-bought ones) so I have no idea if the professionally made...
  4. dalewaite48

    Help with Making Black Color

    Does anyone have any suggestions on working with Black color for a candle. Trying to make a Black Cherry candle. No trouble with the scent as they smell great but trying to get the Black color with a hint of red is not working. They tend to come out Dark grey with a hint of Green or Blue. I...