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  1. Vgurer

    Tried the corn oil w oat flour & bentonite

    %70corn oil, 20 coconut, 10 palm, totaling 1500gr, 570 gr water w 3 ts salt, 222 gr NAOH. 6 tbsp oatmeal flour, 3 tbsp bentonite. 46gr of honeysuckle & chamomile. some mica puffs on top. I tried a 3 layered approach but failed. Very difficult to dissolve the muddy bentonite, (I put few tbsp of...
  2. Greg Hartman

    Bentonite didn't dissolve

    I made some shaving soap and the recipe includes bentonite: 2 tsp. in about 3 lbs. of soap. I was following a tutorial for the recipe and it said it doesn't matter when you add the bentonite, so I added it to the oils just before I added the lye/water mixture. I figured it would get mixed it...
  3. Draugr Rekkr

    Bentonite Clay!!! The cheap way!!! This is mostly for the Kiwis <3

    Hi all it's me again. The one obsessed with shaving. Well something that you hear about, in some shaving soaps, and some soaps in general, is this magic pixie dust called bentonite clay and, well first of all it's not magic and ingesting it in anyway will not help you fly and/or cure all your...