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  1. M

    beard soaps

    Hello everyone. First time here and first time making homemade soaps. I started making my own beard balm with oils and EO and beeswax and butters. Now that I have made that I now want to start making soaps for the beard also. However I do not know how to start or what would work best. I...
  2. S

    Total newbie need help making some great beard stuff!!!

    I am a total newbie, ignorant to making soap, shampoo, conditioner making. I'd like to find out how to make a ''beard wash'' shampoo and conditioner that would be lye free, and would not taste bad if it got in your mouth very much. I make beard oil and know a little bit about that and essential...
  3. burnandgroom

    100% Soy liquid soap?

    Hello, all! I've been lurking for a while learning from ya'll but I've come up with a question I can't find an answer to. I've been making soap for a while now, (started with m&p and graduated to CP as you do,) but I've never done liquid soap. I've watched the helpful video on this forum and...
  4. LoveForTheBeard

    Needing help with beard shampoo for my man

    Hello, I realize that this endeavor may be tricky as there is not much information out there on beard shampoo. I've been doing my research but its been difficult to find out what I need exactly to make a nice beard shampoo to go with my beard oil. I have a lot of essential oils that I will be...