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  1. Dwilson9

    Sodium bicarbonate - Sodium carbonate ?

    What's the difference? Can both be used at the same time for bath bombs? If so at what ratio/percentage? Why? Could you just use sodium carbonate? if so, what would happen?
  2. Dwilson9

    Food grade, Cosmetic grade, Pharmaceutical grade.

    When it comes to ingredients 'grades', which is best for bath bombs? I would have assumed pharmaceutical grade would be better because of purity, but is it? Is it even safe? I was reading somewhere that some food grade ingredients are better suited as opposed to the cosmetic grade of the same...
  3. Dwilson9

    Where do you buy your essential and fragrance oils? BATHBOMB

    Where do you buy your oils? For bathbombs!
  4. Dwilson9

    How do I add essential oils to my bathbombs?

    Okay, so I want to know how to add essential oils to my bathbombs. - How do I do this? - How much do I use? - Do I need to purchase the 3% essential oil in carrier oil - essential oils? Or am I good to purchase just pure essential oils? (If so how do I mix the right amount safely?)
  5. Stephd31

    Bath Bomb Books

    Hi, I've been using YouTube as an educational source on making bath bombs and have made them twice with varying success. I'd like to understand more about them so I can develop my own recipe, maybe bubble bars too. Does anyone have any book recommendations? Thank you!
  6. AmberE97

    What causes bathbombs to flatten while drying?

    Just looking for a direct answer for this question, changed my recipe to use kaolin clay rather than cornstarch and now my bombs flatten. I'll try to keep them in the molds but then they get stuck in the mold if I'm not continuously taking them in and out of molds while they dry. I also...
  7. AmberE97

    How to make bath bombs more hard?

    Hi! I'm fairly new to the bath bomb making and I start shipping them but I'm worried they wont last through a rough shipping adventure.. I thought I finally perfected my recipe, I got it just how I want it, moisturizing and floats. They dont break in my hands by I was testing em out a...
  8. M

    Adding Raw Coco Butter To Bath Bomb Recipe

    Hi everyone, I'm new to the world of bath bomb making and just attempted my first time at making a batch but it unfortunately failed. I used: 2 Cups Baking Soda 1 Cup Citric Acid 1 Cup Corn Startch 1 Cup Of Epsom Salt 2 Teaspoons Of Coconut Oil 6 Teaspoons Of Melted Raw Coco Butter I left...
  9. CMars

    making bathbombs for a market - how far ahead should I make them?

    Hi there! I have two market dates in October (7th and 14th) and I want to sell some bathbombs and truffles this time, but I'm unsure how far ahead I can make them. It's summer now obviously and where I am it's super humid and pretty hot some days so I'm kinda holding off on making them...