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  1. S

    Bath Salt Losing Fragrance

    Hi! I started making DIY bath salts. I noticed that the salts are losing its frangrance. I'm using EO for scents. My recipe is basically Epsom Salt and EO. Ratio is 1cup of salt = 10-15 drops of EO. I blend them well before baking, to dehydrate the salts and avoid clumping. I store the salts in...
  2. Q

    Bath Salts Storage

    Hello, I am new to making bath salts and wanted to store them inside something else besides glass containers. The bath salts will be made with EO and FO, and i want to store then in an unlined metal (steel) tin. Will the salt or oils cause the steel to corrode? Will the steel cause a negative...
  3. Anstarx

    Cyclodextrin in bath salt?

    My friend asked me to make a batch of bath salt imitating the look of this: This bath salt was imported from Japan was sold for 30 CNY every 30g pouch, which is about $4 USD for a tiny bag. Pretty expensiveif you ask me. She doesn't want an exact copy, just a nice jar of bath salt that will...
  4. Danielle_WM

    Bath Salts/Bombs-> Has anyone tried these Polysorbate 80 substitutes?

    Hello, I am not scared of ingredients like polysorbate 80 or Cromollient SCE, but I do like to add new or less common ingredients to my products. Experimenting is fun! Has anyone used these products to disperse oils, EOs, and colorants like micas in bath water (for salts, bombs, and bath...
  5. getagrip

    I'm From Missouri

    Good morning! Just changed my password so I could log in & share-it's been a while! Get a Grip Soap Co is my business name, inspired by my oldest son, now 40 years old! For the past 6 years, I've evolved (and hopefully) improved my product & small soap business. Gone from selling at local craft...
  6. Sandra Ramirez

    Help !!! Bath salts hardening, losing fragrance

    Hi Group Need your help and feedback. My bath salts are hardening in their containers and loosing fragrance. Recipe:1cEpsom salts 1/2c sea salt, 1/4c baking soda, essential oil +FCO carrier or fragrance oil as calculated by weight. Air dried 24 hrs. Some batches have no fragrance at all at this...
  7. F

    Making Bath Salts For Resell

    Hi everyone! I am interested in making bath salts to resale and after trying many complicated recipes with bad luck , I am wondering if its a "the simpler the better" thing that works best for bath salts? I am considering using just Dentritic salt, dead sea salt, and essential oil instead of all...
  8. S

    Suddenly Soggy Foot Soak--A tale of woe

    The weirdest thing happened the other day and I'm hoping someone here can help me figure it out... I was making bath salts and foot soaks to sell in gift sets at a craft fair. I started by making a masterbatch of bath salts using an approximately 3-3-3 mixture of epsom salt, Dead Sea salt, and...