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  1. M

    Adding Raw Coco Butter To Bath Bomb Recipe

    Hi everyone, I'm new to the world of bath bomb making and just attempted my first time at making a batch but it unfortunately failed. I used: 2 Cups Baking Soda 1 Cup Citric Acid 1 Cup Corn Startch 1 Cup Of Epsom Salt 2 Teaspoons Of Coconut Oil 6 Teaspoons Of Melted Raw Coco Butter I left...
  2. E

    Bath bombs clumping in the bath water

    I just started making bath bombs. My first recipe came out great, but I tried adding shea butter to the next batch and it didn’t go so well. It comes out of the mold fine and it fizzes well, but there are foamy clumps in the bath water that don’t disperse. Why is it doing that and how do I...
  3. MySoapyHeart

    Fizzies with Candyhearts

    I am kinda proud and impressed over myself here actually. Proud and impressed over the fact that I managed to NOT eat all the candy hearts before I added them to the fizzies! They are just so delishious. You know, like fizzies for your mouth instead of your feet...? Anyway, here is per...
  4. P

    Bath bombs/fizzies

    Would anyone be willing to share some good recipes, I know it's trial and error, but I need a base to work off of. As it stands, my first batch turned out very soft and crumbly even after two days of drying for very small samples.
  5. P

    Bath Bomb Colorants

    Hi everyone! I'm new here... well not exactly new. I've just recently signed up but have always browsed the forum. I recently seem to have perfected my basic bath bomb recipe and have not used any colorants. I am going to try adding colorants now and am wondering what you all think...