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  1. shaz

    3 Oil/Butter Soap Recipes using CO PO SB

    Hello, has anyone got any recipes that use just CO PO & SB I've tried the following: 34/33/33 - too drying on the skin - 5% superfat and a 50% water discount was used 45/35/20 - again drying on the skin - 5% superfat - tested soap after 6 weeks cure I'm going to try the following but would...
  2. J

    Recipes and scent retention

    I'm relatively new to soapmaking, and I've been frustrated because I can't seem to make almost any FO stick. The other day, I was watching a Royalty Soaps video, and Katie said that so and so recipe had a "great scent retention". And it got me thinking. Is that a thing? And, if it is, which...
  3. MatthewDM

    Bulk/Wholesale Oils

    1. Does anyone know a wholesale seller of base oils in Southern California that allows for personal pick up (to avoid shipping cost)? 2. What are the better online sites that are wholesale sellers of base oils that have low (or no) shipping cost? 3. I love soap crafting Thanks :-)