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  1. Stuart Graham

    Conditioner bar recipe with BTMS-50

    Hi, I want to try conditioner bars and looking around, I found two versions: 30gr | 30% BMTS-50 30gr | 30% Cetyl alcohol 15gr | 15% shea butter 15gr | 15% cocoa butter 4.5gr | 4.5% distilled water 1.0gr | 1% essential oil 40gr | 40% BTMS-50 43gr | 43% cocoa butter 10gr | 10% shea...
  2. R

    Table Sugar to Increase Lather and Bubbles?

    Have any of you ever used regular granulated sugar to increase the lather and bubbles in a soap recipe? If so, did it work well? I like old-fashioned, 100% lard soap, but want to add a little extra to the lather and bubbles without adding other oils or expensive additives.
  3. Salted Halloween Odyssey

    Salted Halloween Odyssey

    Hand cut salt bar (soap)
  4. Dean

    Vegan Palm Free Soap

    Post your favorite vegan and palm-free recipe. Mine is here.
  5. R

    Suggestions for scrub bars

    I've tried twice to make a bar with a sugar scrub component, but it seems the sugar melts. I've tried melt and pour with olive oil base and with goat milk base. Last time I added a lot of sugar and waited til soap was already thickening and same result: no sugar granules.Any suggestions?
  6. T

    how big is a bar of soap?

    Hello, can anyone tell me the size of a bar of soap in volume (ie mls) instead of ounces or can somebody tell me if for example 4oz of soap is the same volume as 4oz of water? I make craft moulds mainly for cake decorating that are used for soap but following a few inquiries from soap makers...